Sara Pouryousefzadeh


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Mobile +39 331 3177098

+98 914 1005105


www.armanshahr- group. Com

Ph.D.in Architecture ( Ferrara Uni. Italy)

M.S. in Landscape Architecture ( Tarbiat Modares Uni. Tehran, Iran)

B.A Architecture (Tabriz Islamic Art and Architecture)

Head of Design studio

Architect and Designer

Expert in Design: Architecture, Interior Design, Landscape Design


Sayeh Akbarzadeh

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+98 914 3181863



B.A in Architecture(Tabriz University)

Architect and Executive manager

Expert in Design:Architecture, Interior



Reza Akbarzadeh

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+98 9143135400

+39 3468238038

M.A in system management & SMEs (Ferrara University, Italy)

B.S Mechanic engineering (Tabriz University)



Ehsan pouryousefzadeh

Contact info:

+98 9121149968

M.A in Management (University of Tehran)

B.S in Industrial engineering ( Qazvin University)

Project Manager

Armanshahr Architects Enterprise began its architectural design in 2008 and after a short time, with regard to the success of its internal design of the tournament, expanded its field of company activities and implementation of designed projects due to its experienced employers, professional experts, and high-quality specialists. The distinction of Armanshahr as a family-run company is in increasing the company’s business orientation as the first and most important factor in the growth of the company from its design core.

We have moved from design to implementation and comply with European standards in our implementation of the selection of materials and products in line with this level of quality. Our loyalty and commitment to design ideas, problem solving regarding the design, the process of selecting and analyzing options to achieve the best strategy in designing and the best response to the needs of the clients have led to ongoing studies both inside and outside the country in design and implementation domains.

Since the introduction of the best materials and equipment used in the execution of interior architectural projects requires constant communication with suppliers and manufacturers in Europe, Armanshahr has launched its office in Italy.

Armanshahr strives to present innovative and unique ideas and solutions for any architectural project since its inception. We believe that “creative design is an investment” you make for your place of residence and work, and over time you will enjoy the beauty and harmony. Of course, economically, you will add value to your property, which in many cases will be more than the cost of designing and implementing internal architecture.

Creating a space that meets your needs and wishes is our specialty; a space that has been studied and thought out from the beginning of the design with a brilliant and creative look. It will ultimately have a favorable outcome for the clients to properly use their time and money at all stages of the implementation of continuous monitoring of all the details. It is the feeling of satisfaction that creates a new force to carry out future projects in Armanshahr group every time.